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Frequently Asked Questions - Click here to view FAQ's

FAQs - Click here to view FAQ's

- Wearing diamond jewellery is reflection of high class in our social environment

- It makes you internally feel good and thereby externally

- You get privileged

- Anything as big as 2 carats (of Rs. 8 lac approx) per single stone may have the chances of bringing any changes (bad or good) to you and that too if it is skin touching ... only this condition

- The diamonds used in jewellery add ornamental value to the jewellery and a permanent sheen to the product

- The pictures are for presentation purpose only (based on photography) the actual diamond jewellery would be challengengly any day better as nothing can make up for the real product

- Firstly buying diamond jewellery is not an expense, on the contrary its parking of your money and a long term investment appreciation

- Diamond jewelry unlike vehicle or gadget is not subjected to operating cost and depreciation

- Majority diamonds come from the mines in South Africa

- 8 of 10 diamonds are cut and polished in Surat, Gujarat

- Internationally Antwerp, Belgium is the trading hub for polished diamonds like nationally we have Mumbai

- Mumbai is hub for diamond jewellery manufacturing and is a big time exporter to China, US and India consumption

- Yellow, White and Rose gold (Pinkish) are the different color options possible

- Also the rate for all three is the same so as to give variety to the user considering his / her lifestyle

- Men should wear jewelry that's not flashy as that would blend well whether it be party, office or wedding

- A solitaire ring or couple band is highly recommended preferably in white gold if you are not fond on the yellow metal 




- No definitely not with us as we are manufacturers and not retailers and we believe in passing that benefit to our customers

- Also we have different diamond grade options so as to fit into our customers purchase range

- All our jewellery come with assurance on quality, a buyback and exchange ... so all aspects    covered

- Why buy jewellery that is kept on shelves forced upon you by the sales person ... rather design your own jewellery at DIAMONDE probably something that you just have on mind or your friend has or you've seen on a google or you've seen in a magazine and you aspire to have it

- You give us your purchase price and we fit into it ... whatever you want

Any query / suggestion or feedback is most welcome at




Ring sizes vary for each finger, so only a direct measurement will be exact. But if you get it close, you can always have the ring sized up or down slightly to fit perfectly. Here are a few tips for getting her ring size without her knowing what you’re up to.

- Borrow One of Her Rings
Without her knowing, borrow a ring from her jewelry box and bring it to us who can determine its size

- Ask Her Best Friend
Believe it or not, women do talk about their ring size with each other. Just be sure to chose a friend who can keep the secret!

- Take Her Shopping
It’s not uncommon for couples to go shopping together to look at engagement rings at some point before the big moment. This is a great time to have us measure her finger size so that you can keep it in mind for future knowledge. Or ask us for the ring sizer to be sent to you

- Put Her Ring on Your Hand
If borrowing one of her rings is too risky, place her ring on your finger as far down as it will comfortably go (don’t force it too far). Mark your finger with a pen and show it to us who can determine its size

- Trace the Inside of Her Ring
Trace the inside of one of her rings and bring it to us who can determine its size

- Make An Impression of Her Ring
Use a bar of soap or a piece of clay to make an impression of one of her rings and bring it us who can determine its size

- Buy a fake cheap ring of her size
Buy a fake cheap ring of her size and bring it us who can determine its size

- Ask Her
If you’re really sly, maybe you can subtly work it into a conversation and get her to tell you her ring size. But be careful, this one is risky