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2017-01-24, 10:25
Regarding Cameron Diaz&all we can do is hope for the best&yet, Cameron hasnt made a decent film for years.With all the actresses from which to choose, I hope this decision was not based on ¢appeal#. I like Cameron Diaz, but seriously, is this the best choice?
2013-05-26, 13:41
Amazing collection......!!!!
Rahul Lakhpati
2013-05-22, 18:49
I've purchased a earring for my wife which is the best quality like the ring taken earlier. I also developed a shuttle cock pendant for my daughter which is the most unique thing that I dreamt of. Its my jewellery home
Rohit Sharma
2013-05-22, 18:48
They deliver what I want at a price that I was looking at, that's marvelous
Rohit Sharma- Banking
Shaikh Sameer
2013-05-22, 18:46
They are excellent at meeting our requirements. And we get good compliments for all our purchases. More than our jeweler they are our extended family.
Sameer & Maroofa Khan- Manager IT professionals
Ashok Khamgal
2013-05-15, 16:40
The service was excellent and it met my expectation